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Building Principal

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Job Title : Building Principal
NORMALIZED JOB TITLE* : Building Supervisor
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Education,Government,Administrative / Clerical
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Qualifications and Responsibilities: Valid NYS School Building Leader certification is required. Prior building-level administration experience is preferred. Knowled...
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Job Profile

Qualifications and Responsibilities: Valid NYS School Building Leader certification is required. Prior building-level administration experience is preferred. Knowledge of Career & Technical Education courses is also preferred but not required.


The successful candidate will be a service-oriented leader who can work with the districts and communities we serve in creating an engaging learning environment that prepares students for college and careers in the 21st century. Duties include daily engagement and dynamic, positive leadership of supervision, and the planning and management of Career and Technical Education, Alternative Education, and Special Education student services at OAOC. The experienced educational leader will advocate for building academic success for all students; fostering high expectations for students and staff; enhancing the professional development program for teachers, staff, and administrators; supervising all state tests for technical and general education programs; and building upon the strong cooperative and supportive relationships with parents, component school districts and community members.


Location: OAOC in Milford

 Start Date: July 2023

 Application Deadline: June 26, 2023

 Salary: $80,000 - $90,000


Application: We encourage qualified applicants to submit their resumé, application, transcripts and references to OLAS.


Additional Information Contact: humanresources@oncboces.org


Civil Service position candidates must be reachable on the existing eligibility list. If there is no mandated eligibility list, candidates will be considered for provisional appointment. Continued employment will be contingent on successfully passing the required examination and being reached on the eligibility list.


The selected applicant will be subject to a fingerprint support criminal history background check in accordance with SAVE Legislation effective July 1, 2001.


The Board of Cooperative Educational Services of the Sole Supervisory District of Otsego, Delaware, Schoharie and Greene Counties does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ethnicity, pregnancy, family status, age, marital status, genetic predisposition, military status, domestic violence victim status, disability and any other class protected by state or federal law in the educational programs or activities which it operates, including, but not limited to, access to facilities in accordance with the Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act of 2001, 20 U.S.C. 7905, which requires equal access for the Boy Scouts of America and other designated youth groups to meet at public schools.

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